OPSLOG messages for called REXX
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OPSLOG messages for called REXX


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are trying to extract information from the OPSLOG archives to determine how many times a specific rexx was called from message rules code. The REXX is called using the CALL function:

CALL REXXNAME parameters

Are we able to find this kind of information in OPSLOG or OPSLOG archives?



Release : 14.0


No messages are issued in OPSLOG indicating a CALL statement has been executed against a secondary REXX due to the fact that the called REXX is compiled inline with the rule code under these circumstances.

Thus, there is no way to look at past or current OPSLOG data to determine how many times a specific REXX was called in this manner.  However, one way possible going forward would be to scan existing rules for any instances of the REXX in question being called and add a diagnostic WTO or SAY statement to the rule code that indicates the REXX was called. Then subsequent OPSLOG data can be scanned for those messages to get an idea of how many times the REXX has been called/executed.