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Deactivating Security Group takes a long time if it is used in the blueprint


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If you have Rules defined within blueprints in the new ux that use Access Groups in their condition, then it can cause performance issues when deactivating groups in Classic.

Steps to Reproduce: 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create Blueprint for the project object (or any object really).
2. Add rule to the blueprint to hide a module.
 Condition: Access Groups != <Add 20 groups here>
 Action: Hide Modules -> Pick any module
3. Navigate to Classic UI -> Admin -> Groups.
4. Click any active group, uncheck the Active box, and click on Save and Return.

Expected Results: It is taking very long time

Actual Results: It should not take this long


Release : 16.0.3


DE67394, Under review by Engineering team.

Workaround: When you need to deactivate a group this can be done from the group list instead.