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Upgrading CICS Under View 14.0 - Do we have to do anything special with the EE0CICS4 aliases?


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Our View 14.0 load library seems to be missing the CICS release specific modules.

Do we have to do anything special with the EE0CICS4 aliases?


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We stopped using the aliases for EBCCICS4 because they were for CICS release dependent Ca View code and have never been needed.

We now load EBCCICS4 at startup WHICH removed the need for the aliases 'EE0C0410-EE0C0700'


You should NOT need to do anything specific to the EE0CICS4 aliases.

There were some changes made in release 14.0 of View that resulted in streamlining support and configuration of the CICS interface. As a result of these changes, you will no longer see any of the CICS release specific alias's in your CA View 14.0 load library, like you used to see in prior releases of CA View.

For more information on the changes made in release 14.0 regarding the CICS interface, please see the following documentation:

View 14.0 - New Features documentation

Scroll down to: Streamlined Support for CICS where you will see the following:

CA View 14.0 streamlines CICS support by reducing the number of CICS program definitions and through the use of static
CICS program names. In previous releases, as many as 16 CICS program definitions and 4 CICS transaction definitions
were required to access the CA View or CA Deliver online facility from CICS. Each of these program definitions uses a
release-specific naming convention that requires changes with each new release of the product.

With release 14.0, the number of CICS program definitions has been reduced to 4 and unique program names have been
provided to eliminate CICS definition changes. By default, the CICS service transaction, XME0 for release 14.0, must be
changed with each new release of the product. To eliminate this dependency, follow these steps:

1. Code a unique service transaction name on the SRVTRAN keyword of the EBCXMOPT macro in the EBCXMCTR table.

2. Specify that name in the CICS transaction definition, not the release-specific transaction name.

In addition, this release includes an alias of EBCDRV for the XMS started task driver program, so that you must no longer
update the XMS started task JCL.


Additional Information

- For details about CICS support, see Install CICS Pseudo-Conversational Option.