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Shared dataset doesn't show as updated via ISPF 3.4 on another system


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) PMO Runtime Performance Optimizer COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS Common Services


We have an issue we see rarely and I just haven't had time to look into it and not sure if its MIM or not causing the issue but not sure where else to start.

  • On PROD, the user updates a member of a PDS which is PO DSORG (not PDS-E) on an LPAR that is part of a base SYSPLEX (no internal or external ICF).
  • On SANDBOX (which is a monoplex but part of the MIM 'plex') the user browses the same PDS and displays the member, but is found to contain the old contents.

The dataset is part of the LOGON PROC and in use by many in TSO.  This isn't causing a problem but is kinda disconcerting for sure.  Any assistance is appreciated.



Product: MIM (MII)

Release : 12.5


There is nothing here that leads to suspecting MIM as an influencer to this type of problem.

If you are a PMO customer, there is a possibility that PMO r4.4 PTF LU05430 could be a potential solution.