Request Conversations (Staffing/Staffing Plan modules)
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Request Conversations (Staffing/Staffing Plan modules)


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Conversations get deleted when a role is replaced in the Staffing Plan workspace

1. Go to the Staffing Plan workspace
2. On the requests portlet expand a role
3. Click on an investment.
4. The Requests Detail pop-up opens
5. Go to Conversations and post one to the user you are logged in with 
6. Check the notifications bell icon. 
7. Click on the notification
8. The notification displays correctly. And you can access the conversation
7. Back to the Details
8. Replace the role with a resource and confirm the allocation
9. Check the Notifications bell icon. The notification is still there.
10. Click on it
Expected results: The notification to open and show the conversation
Actual results: The notification is blank and the conversation has been deleted


This is caused by DE67390


This is fixed in 16.1.1

Additional Information

The same occurs in the Staffing module.
In 16.0.1 the notification would still display the conversation
And if you would go to the Investments vs Resources portlet, the resource we replaced the role with would have the original conversation