Create/Update baseline system error (ORA-01427)
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Create/Update baseline system error (ORA-01427)


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I am unable to create or update a baseline on a specific project as I get a system error.
Other projects are fine. It is instance specific

app-ca.log file states;

select distinct,i.code,,h.parent_id, revision_id,
             (select count(prid) from prsubproject where and prisreadonly=0) as numRW ,
             (select prisreadonly from prsubproject s, prtask t where and s.prtaskid = t.prid and t.prprojectid =h.parent_id  ) as readWriteStatus
          from inv_flat_hierarchies fh,inv_hierarchies h,inv_investments i
               left outer join prj_baselines b on and b.code='Baseline1' and b.object_type='PROJECT'
          where fh.parent_id = 11058791
             and fh.child_id <> fh.parent_id
             and = fh.child_id
             and h.child_id =
             and h.parent_id is not null 

Error message: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row


The subprojects were duplicated on the PRSUBPROJECT table


Remove/readd the master project hierarchy