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Error 11505 occurs when connecting SEPM to the Database when trying to move SEPM SQL database to a new SQL server.


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Endpoint Protection


When you are trying to move SEPM SQL database to a new SQL server, at the stage of connecting the SEPM to the database step an error 11505 can occur.

"Error 11505: Unable to connect to the database. Make sure that you have entered the correct database parameters. and that a firewall is not blocking the connection, then try again. Please click here for more Information".


Microsoft SQL Server Database


This can be caused when the credentials are incorrect for the database authentication.

In  Install_log.err you can find the below:

STDERR: SqlPropPanel >> CheckDBConnection > Fail to connect to database. Vendor's error code is [18456], SEPM's error code is [11505]. Error message is [Login failed for user 'sem5'. ClientConnectionId:XX0XXbX1-X0XX-4Xac-9Xf4-dX1X0XcX2XXX].

In SQL error logs:

Logon       Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 8.
Logon       Login failed for user 'sem5'. Reason: Password did not match that for the login provided. [CLIENT: XXX.XXX.XX.XXX]

When a connection attempt is rejected because of an authentication failure that involves a bad password or user name, a message similar to the following is returned to the client: "Login failed for user '<user_name>'. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)".
The error message that is returned to the client deliberately hides the nature of the authentication error. However, in the SQL Server error log, a corresponding error contains an error state that maps to an authentication failure condition. Compare the error state to the following list to determine the reason for the login failure.

The state for this error is 8 - The password is incorrect.


Confirm  Install_log.err and SQL error logs output.

Confirm the error state to map the authentication failure condition.

Change the password based on minimum MSSQL Server requirements.

Additional Information

Confirm the vendor error code and state:

Password requirements for SQL Server: