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PanAudit Plus Maintenance


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PanAudit Plus


Please confirm which PTFs need to be applied for PanAudit Plus 3.0 0107.  Is this only the PTFs beginning with '0107'? 

The only other fixes that seem applicable are QI17880 and QI92490, are these "fixes" only for informational purposes?


PanAudit Plus 3.0 with 0107 maintenance level


For maintenance, for release 3.0 with service pack 0107, PanAudit Plus has the following PTFs to RECEIVE and APPLY please:

   3.0      *0107* SETCONF -- EZTC0715W WITH EASYTRIEVE R11            RO13924
   3.0      *0107* EZABX009 INDEX/SUBSCRIPT OUT OF RANGE.               RO06963
   3.0      *0107* CAS9180E/REQUIRES LMP KEY: PROD (0P)/EZT R1        RO05060
   3.0      *0107* EZTC0393E COMPILE ERROR W/EASYTRIEVE R11         QO93813
   3.0      *0107* GET ABENDS S0C4, S0C1, S0C7 RUNNING TESTGEN     QO93790
   3.0      *0107* DOLUNIT DOESN'T COUNT  NEG IN TOP USING  AB        QO60804

It is correct in that only the '0107' PTFs are needed to be applied.

QI92490 lets you be aware of a documentation change that needs to be done in Chapter 4.  QI17880 is only informational as well.