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Error while retrieving list of virtual services (-1) on project


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Service Virtualization


We have a project that is not able to start the services and gets the following error displayed in the DevTest Portal:

Error while retrieving list of virtual services (-1).



Release : 10.7


In the vse.log file we are seeing the following error thrown when attempting to load the vsi file for this particular project:

ERROR System.err                     - Exception in thread "SI-Read-Thread" java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred reading C:/PROGRA~1/CA/DevTest/lisatmp_10.7.0/lads/425738255AC611ED994C005056AD9E6E/Desaosb/VirtualServices/Images/VS_h_consultaposicion_v3.vsi

ERROR System.err                     - Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.



The following opening tags are missing closing tags. Therefore, the vsi is an invalid xml file, which is throwing the errors seen when we attempt to load the file. All the missing tags are near the bottom of the file, so it could be someone accidentally truncated the file, or the file somehow became corrupted.

Below is a list of the opening tags, which are missing an ending tag.

  • Line 3: <serviceimage 
  • Line 4: <st>
  • Line 4536: <t id="1279" nd="true">
  • Line 4537: <sp>
  • Line 4538: <t id="24447">
  • Line 4603: <rs>
  • Line 4604: <rp id="24449" t="5">
  • Line 4613: <bd 

Please correct the missing tags in the vsi file, and see if this fixes their issue. 

Additional Information

If you have NotePad++, the XML Tools plug-in has an XML validation utility that can help identify XML errors. This is how Support was able to quickly identify the missing end tags.