Identity Portal - Deploying updated sigma.war on JBoss/Wildfly Hanging
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Identity Portal - Deploying updated sigma.war on JBoss/Wildfly Hanging


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Following the product documentation link for removing and deploying an updated Identity Manager sigma.war file on WildFly/JBoss using the WildFly/JBoss Admin Console is hanging and did not complete. 


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Suspect there was some network issue between the web browser with the WildFly/JBoss Admin Console connecting and deploying the sigma.war file to the remote WildFly/JBoss machine which caused the hanging and possible corruption.


Best to use a web browser local to the WildFly/JBoss machine to access the WildFly/JBoss Admin Console to deploy the sigma.war file.

You could also use the jboss-cli.bat to run commands such as "undeploy sigma.war" followed by "reload" to remove and "deploy sigma.war" to deploy the war file.

But since those commands were also hanging we suspected corruption and followed the below steps:

1. Stop JBoss
2. Delete the contents inside of the JBoss\standalone\data\content folder and the JBoss\standalone\tmp folder
3. Start JBoss
4. Open a cmd prompt and run the JBoss\bin\jboss-cli.bat and type connect and then execute the "reload" command just to verify JBoss is ok
5. Then from the same JBoss CLI session execute the "deploy sigma.war" command using the 14.4 CP1 copy of the sigma.war file 
6. The sigma.was was successfully deployed