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Missing functionality after IE usage dropped from CASM- 17.3


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


A few users reach out about a change that happened when we switched to 17.3RU12 and dropped support for IE.

The input fields for CASD (CA Service Desk) used to have a few features:

  • Spellcheck not working automatically, have to press Spelling($) button rather than pressing alt+shift+$
  • The "x" to delete everything in a field is no longer present
  • The fields no longer have character limitations (for example the Requester box lets me paste this entire description in it)

I have found that there are several ($) fields now, so they will need to press enter to choose the option they want.

As for the missing “x” button, they are referring to it seems that in IE this shows up in the <input type=’textbox’> fields but does not show up in edge/chrome/firefox

I found by changing the type to <input type=’search’> this brings back the feature.

Running this JS changes all the input textbox types document.querySelectorAll('input[type=text]').forEach((text_box)=>{text_box.type = 'search'})

I was considering adding this to a custom.js file that CASD uses as a way to update these, however would there be a better way to update the types you would recommend?

Such as going into each page and setting the types to search or if there is a way to update them all in a batch job through WSPainter.


See attachment to ticket.



CA Service Desk Manager Release: 17.3+


SE advised:

The incompatibility occurs due to how the latest browsers handle the input types. Manually changing the htmpl is the best way to solve this problem as different organizations might have different expectations of what the value might be for different input types and how to handle it. Hence the solution would be to change the input type to search for the x to appear wherever needed. As for the character limit on the textbox, a maxlength attribute can be added to the fields to impose this restriction. And again the value of the attribute differs for each organization and hence would have to be customized accordingly.