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Warning message when installing Infrastructure Manager


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Getting warning message when installing UIM Infrastructure Manager on Windows 2106 server.  How can this be resolved?  I believe it may be that the vs2008_redist_x86 and vs2008_redist_x64 need to be installed, but when I try to install these, it is prompting for a password, which I do not have.  Can you confirm if installing these will resolve the issue.


Release : 20.4


There are two ways this can be addressed:
1 install CU5 for 20.4 and use the IM console installer that comes with it. 
Key Deliverables: 
Third-party components upgrade for vulnerability remediation for IM GUI (thick client) 
IMGUI is refreshed by building with VS2017 and does not have a dependency on VS2008 runtime. The installer NimBUS Manager.exe located at Nimsoft\install\setup can be used to freshly install the refreshed IM GUI.
Single IMGUI installer for IPv4 and IPv6 environments. The older installer NimBUSManagerIPv6.exe located at Nimsoft\install\setup can be removed or need not be used.

CU5 is available at the hotfix site:

2 install the vcredist packages from Microsoft.
vcredist_x64.exe vcredist_x86.exe