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use custom checkpoint for monitoring different items as separate targets with sqlserver/oracle_monitor


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We would like to create, using sqlserver and oracle_monitor probe some custom checkpoints, using a custom query to monitor the counts of some jobs based on failed status and store the count value.  

The challenge is that there are a very large number of different items to monitor (200+) in this case jobs.
Is there a way to use only one checkpoint to monitor all the different jobs and store the count separately?


Release : UIM 20.x 

Probe: sqlserver, oracle_monitor any version 




This is possible using a custom query checkpoint and defining the appropriate variables and creating a named customer QOS for your custom query. 


For this exercise I have set this up with the sqlserver robe but this is applicable to the oracle_monitor probe too as they are structured similarly. 


For simulating your scenario I have used the following query:

select profileName,  count (*) as count from SSRV2Profile group by profilename


Which provides the following output:

We will create a monitor to store the count of each of the grouped SSRV2 profiles  (MCS has nothing to do and only taken as example of table to extract and monitor) 


Once you create the query it's important to set the Row identification and the message variables:



And Set the Variables


It is also important to create the QOS in General TAB >>  QOS List where you select the metric (in this case the "count" is the metric)  



After this one single target is created for each "ProfileName" 


The below is just the output from my DB which shows different targets created for the custom QOS Created:


And here is how they are visible in PRD: 


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