ITCM Agent deployment not working on SLES 15 SP3 on ESXi
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ITCM Agent deployment not working on SLES 15 SP3 on ESXi


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Trying to install ITCM agent on  SLES 15 SP3 ( AM,SD,RC agents. ).

On the following systems the package is working

Deployment is working on Physical machines and not working on vmware host . 

on physical pos(XR7) - kasse sles 15 - ca works

on vmware - kasse sles 12 - ca works
on vmware - server sles 12 - ca works

not working combinations are 

on vmware - server sles 15 - does not work
on vmware - kasse sles 15 - does not work

Using ESXI 7.0.3 and inside that we have a VM as EFI configured and inside we are running the OS.


caf could not start. Following error appears :
# caf start
CA DSM r14 Common Application Framework
Copyright (c) 2020 Broadcom. All Rights Reserved.The term "Broadcom" refers to Broadcom Inc.and/or its subsidiaries.

Starting caf daemon...
Connecting to caf process...

The connection with the caf service was broken unexpectedly.
The caf service may have died.
The command failed.


Client Automation 14.5 on Linux


Please open a ticket with support and request

T5J8120 (Agent 64 bits)

T5J8121 (Agent or scalability server 32 bits)