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BCIS (Intelligence Services) Licensing FAQ


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


BCIS (Intelligence Services) Licensing FAQ


View the following topic for commonly asked questions about BCIS (Intelligence Services) Licensing.

1. What happens when BCIS license is expired?

When BCIS license gets expired, ProxySG will not be able to download BCIS categorization database updates.

It will continue to use existing database to categorize URLs. This existing database will be used till the database is valid and not expired.

As soon as the BCIS license is renewed, ProxySG will be able to download database updates.

2. Will the proxy stop processing internet traffic after the BCIS expiry date?

No. Proxy will not stop processing traffic.

It will process the traffic with categorization based on existing database.

Database expiry date and license expiry date can be viewed under Configuration -> Content Filtering -> Blue Coat -> License and Download status.

3. Will this database be retained till "Data Valid Until" date or it will be wiped out after a proxy restart and license expiry date?

Existing databases are not wiped from the proxy unless you perform factory reset or upgrade the proxy.

Please note, if you perform upgrade or factory reset before renewing the BCIS license, then your existing DB will be wiped out and proxy will not be able to download it again without BCIS renewal. If this happens, categorization will completely stop due to no available database on proxy.

4. Will there be any errors seen by users due to this license expiry?

No. There are no errors seen by users due to BCIS license expiry.

You will only notice errors in BCIS database update status.

5. Will this effect SSL interception or user authentication settings?

This will not have impact on existing SSL interception or Authentication functionality as BCIS is only related to URL categorization.

6. After the expiry date, will this cause any issues with processing traffic with existing rules configured ?

No. Proxy will continue to function and process user traffic as per existing VPM rules. User traffic will not be blocked due to BCIS license expiry.

7. In short, will the user traffic be blocked due to the license expiry?

Proxy will not stop processing user traffic when BCIS license is expired. The traffic will be handled and categorized with the existing database.

8. How to renew BCIS license and how to install valid license manually on the ProxySG?

In earlier ProxySG SWG licenses, BCIS can be purchased as an add-on and then linked to your base licenses. Steps for this can be found here.

Steps for installing ProxySG base license manually on the device can be found here.

9. Are there types of BCIS licenses?

Broadcom offers two Intelligence Services bundles on the ProxySG/ASG via a subscription license: 

Blue Coat Intelligence Services (BCIS) Standard Web Bundle - Includes URL content and security categories such as web application definitions, which are equivalent to the Blue Coat WebFilter (BCWF) categories.
Blue Coat Intelligence Services (BCIS) Advanced Web Bundle - Includes the same as the BCIS Standard Web Bundle, but also includes GeoIP and Threat Risk Level policy gestures.