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View - Are there any known issues with enabling JES spool compression?


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Our MVS team has sent the following statements and questions to the View/Deliver admins:

 . On z15 processors, the onboard ZEDC compression ability exists to enable JES spool compression. 

 . When the data is delivered to applications, it is expected to be in uncompressed format. 

 . While expected to be transparent, we should confirm there is no negative impact to significant processors of SYSOUT data like VIEW/Deliver.


Release : 14.0


There have been no reported issues or concerns with use of the JES compression option. 

A sysout is uncompressed, in JES, when View or Deliver is to process it (in SARSTC, SARFSS, or RMOSTC). 

After processing, View then compresses it, with its own algorithms, for storage on disk or tape. 

Whether Deliver pre- or post-spool processing are used, a report cannot be compressed.