Failed to get container list for computer error in windows event viewer
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Failed to get container list for computer error in windows event viewer


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On a Scalability Server, there are some DSM Error in Windows Event Viewer Application like this :
Source : DSM
Event ID : 1000
Level : Error
Failed to get container list for computer COMPDOM|USER1 with LAN ID A.B.C.D. Exception: name=  comment= Failed to create containerlist location (program name and line number)= ..\..\..\..\src\common\sdjcsi\sdjobserverif.cpp:3147


Client Automation 14.0 SP3,14.5 with or without CU


The problem occurs when a computer moves from one scalability server to another scalability inside the same Domain (roaming).
In this case "caf register" executes SDAgent with logged user name in parameter.

140121-10:01:38.5621932L|006072|000024fc|cfRegister|cfRegister | |000000|INFO | ITRMAgent::runPluginsOnEvent: keyname: afterroamplugin context: "COMPDOM|USER1"
140121-10:01:38.5641564L|006072|000024fc|cfRegister|cfRegister | |000000|INFO | ITRMAgent::HandleTrigg: strData: COMPDOM|USER1 pluginName: sdagent params: 
140121-10:01:38.5669642L|006072|000024fc|cfRegister|cfRegister | |000000|INFO | ITRMAgent::HandleTrigg: posting "start sdagent args "$caf_user:COMPDOM|USER1" "UNIT=COMPDOM|USER1"" to caf

This may not necessary as sdagent plugin is also executed at the end of caf registration process.


It is possible to disable the execution of sdagent after a roaming.
By default itrm/agent/solutions/usd_agent/afterroamplugin is set to sdagent
ccnfcmda -cmd GetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/solutions/usd_agent -pn afterroamplugin
returns sdagent
Set this value to empty string to disable execution of sdagent after a roaming
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/solutions/usd_agent -pn afterroamplugin -v ""
This could be done using a AM or SD jobs sent to the machines.
Another solution is to add this parameter into the Default Computer Policy and send a new value to the machines using a configuration policy.
1- On Enterprise (or Domain if there is no enterprise server), create a file afterroamplugin.xml in a temp directory containing these lines :
    <paramsection name="itrm">
      <paramsection name="agent">
        <paramsection name="solutions">
          <paramsection name="usd_agent">
            <parameter name="afterroamplugin" value="sdagent">
              <attribute name="dis_en">SD After Roaming</attribute>
                <parameterinfo name="pi_usd_afterroamplugin">
                <attribute name="type">string</attribute>
                <attribute name="desc">Execute sdagent plugin after roaming</attribute>
2- Execute this command
ccnfregdb -mlocalhost -fafterroamplugin.xml -e


After that the parameter afterroamplugin should appear in Default Computer Policy under DSM/Agent/Common Agent/Software Delivery



Then on Domain Manager unseal the configuration policy applied on the computers and change the value for afterroamplugin to blank


Seal the policy.