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NCM Upload Tasks are not working in 21.2.8 when activated by a repair policy


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CA Spectrum


Every repair action ended with an error.

In the log folder I see three upload logs and after the third try the ncm upload ended with error.

We are able to run the upload scripts manually and they work fine, but they fail after 3 retries if activated by a policy that does an upload repair.

This was working fine in the previous version of Spectrum 10.4.0, but after upgrading to 21.2.8 this is no longer working.  We have increased timeouts but this has not helped.

No changes were done to any of the upload scripts.






Release : 21.2.x

Spectrum for Windows


In the upload script, there was a line that was required to verify the end of file was complete due to the older perl libraries limitations.

In the current 21.2.8 version of Spectrum this line is no longer required and causes issues with the repair policy upload.


Engineering advised to remove the following line from the upload scripts as it is no longer needed and it appears this was causing the upload task to fail when called by a repair policy.


@contentData = convertLineEnd(@contentData);



Once the line is removed, then the upload scripts should work as they have done previously.

Additional Information

This appears to be a problem only with Spectrum for Windows when upgrading from an older Spectrum release using custom upload scripts in Custom device families.