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Trying to deploy a new V35, and the device does not seem to be configured.


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Documentation does not support what is shown, and appear to be stuck at command line


My V35 booted up, but did not seem to take any of the configuration.  How do I resolve this ?



1.  Log into the monitoring point - type in admin
For a password, please try any password you configured on the appliance.  If it still continues to fail, the default password for a monitoring point is:

2.  Once logged in issue
sudo -i

3.  The appliance defaults to use DHCP.  Check for an IP address;

ifconfig eth0

If no IP is configured, please complete step 4.

4.  Configure a Static IP using curl commands.  Please configure the device to (replace the IP's below with the correct static IP address that is needed).

curl -ku admin -X POST "https://localhost/api/v1/interface/" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"name\": \"eth0\", \"family\": \"inet\", \"method\": \"static\", \"address\": \"\", \"netmask\": \"\", \"gateway\": \"\"}"

When you hit enter, you will be prompted for your password to begin.

5.  Restart networking for the change to take affect. 

sudo systemctl restart networking

6. The appliance should now be online, you can now test for IP connectivity using ping.   Once confirmed working, from a computer in the local network, please attempt to log into the appliance's webui.  In my exampe

Log in with username:
and the previous password used.

7.  You may now continue configuring the appliance through the Webui:




8.  Check for the Monitoring Points NIS.configuration, consisting of NIS address and Site Key, ect.

9.  If this information is missing, additional steps will need to be made to ensure the V35 is able to connect online.  Please see this following information to configure apply NIS.config:

How to get a copy of your nis.config file:

Provisioning an AppNeta monitoring point with a NIS.CONFIG file: