Datacom IVP Processing with alternate programs
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Datacom IVP Processing with alternate programs


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Maybe you have completed your installation of Datacom/DB software, or maybe you just upgraded to the most current version. Now, you want to run some sort of test to make sure the new software works as expected. You can run the supplied Installation Verification Process (IVP) jobs, or you can issue the online DBAC transaction. 

Now, there are multiple batch and online processes to create output that is equivalent to the online DBAC transaction that is provided with Datacom CICS Services. Be aware that in some cases, it is not possible to format the output exactly like the DBAC transaction, but the data should still match and the format will resemble the original DBAC output.

This article will provide links for the other program languages as they become available here.

Note that the samples referenced here require database 001 (HUMAN-RESOURCE) to be installed and loaded with the default data. Some of the samples require the PAYROLL and EMPLOYEE dataviews. If these are not already defined, they can be added via DDUPDATE, using the source in your Datacom CABDSAMP PDS, member HRDVW.





The various samples available for IVP testing are categorized into sections called Batch and Online (CICS). Please follow the links below for the desired programs.


Knowledge Base article 254077, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch DBSQLPR (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254164, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Dataquery DQL (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254166, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Dataquery SQL (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254168, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Datacom Reporting Facility (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254183, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Ideal using CBS Dataviews (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254187, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Ideal using SQL Dataviews (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254236, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch Easytrieve using Native Call (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254244, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch COBOL using Native Call (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254245, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch COBOL using SQL (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254534, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch MetaCOBOL using RAAT (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254536, titled "Datacom IVP: Batch MetaCOBOL using SAAT (Sample)" 


Knowledge Base article 254569, titled "Datacom IVP: Online Dataquery DQL (Sample)"

Knowledge Base article 254571, titled "Datacom IVP: Online Dataquery SQL (Sample)"

Additional Information

Note: The Datacom sample programs are provided free of charge and without support. These sample programs are solely for use by an authorized licensee of the applicable Datacom products ("Licensed Program(s)"), to copy and modify such sample programs solely in conjunction with the internal implementation and use of the Licensed Program(s) in accordance with the terms of the Licensed Program(s) license. These sample programs are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.  To the full extent permitted under applicable law, Broadcom disclaims all liability arising from or related to any use of these/this sample programs.

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.