Error when adding projects to a Milestone - Maximum item size of 100 exceeded
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Error when adding projects to a Milestone - Maximum item size of 100 exceeded


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We used milestones in this year and previous years, however we’re encountering an issue when trying to update our new 2023/4 milestones.  When I shift click on a high level project to include all of its descendent projects as available to select this milestone I’m met with an error that the maximum item size is 100 and I cannot have the milestone aligned to all projects.  However our 2022 milestones properly show association with 150+ projects. Is there something I’m missing to be able to set these up properly?




It will be necessary to add projects in batches of 100 or less between "saves" on the Milestone.

Recently we fixed a defect around Milestones and projects. The fix was designed to cap the number of projects that can be added to a milestone at 100 per transaction in order to optimize the performance of the transaction and ensure data integrity.  

Going forward, if you have more than 100 projects to add to a Milestone, it will be necessary to break the projects into groups of 100 or less as you add them to the milestone.

This information has also been posted in our Subscription Administrators Community page:


The 100 project limit only applies to existing milestones.

The creation of new milestones is not limited to 100 projects.