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Export of Jasper Report(s) to XLS or CSV are Missing Headers


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CA Identity Manager


From the Jasper report wrapper we export to XLS or CSV. Some headers are missing or misaligned. 


Release : Identity Manager 14.4


The TIBCO Jasper output is contained within their wrapper.  You have the option to export to XLS or CSV.  You can also print as PDF.  PDF is "What you see is what you get".  The issue is you can not edit or query the data from a PDF.  XLS and CSV are not "what you see if what you get" and controlled by the Tibco Japer wrapper which displays the report within the frame.  In this case the client wanted to use the report output and query the data for auditing.  The Jasper report would not provide the solution they needed.  They worked to create a database query to directly get the data they needed from the DB and audit the user data as they required.