Error message EDC5139I Operation not permitted
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Error message EDC5139I Operation not permitted


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InterTest - Batch


The access to InterTest thru Eclipse got the following error message in the CAVHSRVR started task output. 
WARNING Credentials check fail
d for WMCLGYL 8:Security+Error+for+WMCLGYL+EDC5139I+Operation+not+permitted.                            

What is the meaning of this EDC5139I error message and how it can be solved?. 


Release : 11.0


The import PROTSYM file was the cause of the security error.  
The EDC5139I error message was from Rocket Software (ASG) so you need to check the Rocket Software (ASG) setting for PROTSYM file or user permission.   

 *************** Text Below Copyright (c) 2022, ROCKET SOFTWARE *********
  EDC5139I Operation not permitted                                      
   Explanation: See the section on configuring RACF in the Installing    
   ASG-Zeke for details about this message.                              
   Action: No user action is required.                                  
   Also see item -ZEKE_SRVR_MSGS in this content for more information. 


Finally found that the deploy Job did not have the right authorizations.