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How to check InterTest Batch usage?


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InterTest - Batch


How to check InterTest Batch usage?. Is there any way to track the usage over users?.


Release : 11.0


With the ISV SCRT Reports you can check the MSU consumption of all the CA/Broadcom products that run over the LPAR's. 
The ISV SCRT Reports are created based on SMF records with the Common Services CAISCRT JCL that is in HLQ.CAW0JCL library. 
You have to contact the Common Services team in your Site and they should be able to provide a ISV SCRT Report sample where you can check the MSU consumption for current release InterTest Batch 11.00.00.  
You can read more details about the ISV SCRT Reports in the following link:
Generate ISV SCRT Reports for Broadcom Products

However the ISV SCRT Report is not going to show what end users are using InterTest Batch.
InterTest Batch does not have a reporting utility that shows what users are using the product and how often.
If you can check the InterTest Batch Profile PROFLIB data set to see what users are using the product.
You can select per-site or per-user PROFLIB.
See CAMRCLST CLIST to see how your PROFLIB data set is allocated. 
The details are in the following link: 
Batch Interfaces and Compatibility
When a user uses InterTest Batch they fill in the InterTest Batch panels and this information is stored in the PROFLIB data set.
Many sites use only one PDS
for the PROFLIB data set but some sites have a PROFLIB dataset per user. 
Anyway it would be difficult to find all the individual PROFLIB data sets.
If you can find the PROFLIB Profile data set then you can contact the users based on the User-ID.