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Where to find, and how to import the NetOps Portal Self-Signed Certificate into the Data Aggregator in CA Performance Management (CAPM)


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Trying to configure HTTPS in NetOpt Portal (CA Performance Center - CAPC). According to the CAPM documentation, the SSL self-signed certificate on the NetOps server has been successfully configured after generating it as per the following guide:

TechDocs : DX NetOps CAPM 22.2 : Enable HTTPS for NetOps Portal Using the SSL Configuration Tool and Generate a Self-Signed Certificate

However, the certificate from NetOps Portal needs to be imported to the keystore of the Data Aggregator server, but the NetOps Portal self-signed certificate cannot be found.


DX NetOps CAPM Release : 21.2 or later


The self-signed certificate generated by the SslConfig utility will be stored in the cacerts file whose normal default location is:


You would need to extract the certificate from this using the keytool utility. For example:

keytool -export -alias <ALIAS> -keystore /opt/CA/jre/lib/security/cacerts -rfc -file netopsPortal.cer

The above will extract the self-signed certificate you generated (replace <ALIAS> with the actual alias name you used when you generated it). It will extract it from the default keystore and export it to a file called netopsPortal.cer