uxstr sap api fails with "invalid step program" if Program not defined in STEPDEF or STEPLIST
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uxstr sap api fails with "invalid step program" if Program not defined in STEPDEF or STEPLIST


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Uproc that launches a "uxstr sap api stepdef=xxxx steplist=yyy" fails in case the Program is not defined in the STEPDEF section (third parameter).

Example where the program is only set on the STEPLIST (RSPARAM):

+ /apps/du/600/COMP_NODE/bin/uxstr SAP API JOBNAME=AFRSTEPDEF9 'STEPDEF=(ORSYP,E,,,,1,ZBC,1,X,,,,,,9,,0,0,,,,,BC-THR3PUR04_TTCPURRF01 - Purge RFC)' 'STEPLIST=((,,RSPARAM,TEST),(,,RSPARAM,A))'
2 steps are detected
invalid step program ( ORSYP,E,,,,1,ZBC,1,X,,,,,,9,,0,0,,,,,B
[line 1676] cannot build the default step

 ===================== SUBMISSION ERROR ===================== 
 uxsap_jobsap_create error


Releases affected : 6.10.91 and superior and 7.0.01

Component: Dollar Universe Application Server

Area: Manager for SAP ( launch of jobs via uxstr sap api)


Defect: Issue occurs on stepdef or steplis with program name empty. If a default program is filled (and then it can be overwritten by steplist parameter), or if program name is not set at all (example : stepdef="((USERNAME,E))", the issue would not occur.



If you need to use step default arguments after program name, set the program to a temporary value (like RSPARAM or a non existing program name). This value will be overwritten by steplist content afterwards.


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Application Server (Node)
Will be fixed on Dollar Universe 6.10.121 - planned release March 2024
Will be fixed on Dollar Universe 7.00.21 - planned release second half December 2023

Additional Information

Bug ticket: DU_AS-7363 and  DU_AS-6951

Solution details: Error when using the command uxstr sap api defined using a stepdef section with an empty program name (two commas used)