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Test alarm subscription from Spectrum to Performance Manager from command line


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


Fault alarms in Performance Manager from Spectrum are not up to date.



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To test the alarm subscription to Performance Manager from Spectrum outside of the Performance Manager product.
Turn of alarm synch in Performance Manager. 

Place the attached sub.txt in a local folder.  This contains the xml payload for the subscription.
I am running this from a linux shell on the Performance Manager server but can be run from anywhere. Running it from the Performance Manager box will test connectivity between Spectrum and Performance Manager.

Edit the command to match the OneClick host and port.  If the connection to Performance Manager is using https, use the https port.

curl -kv -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -d'@/tmp/sub.txt' -u spectrum http(s)://<OneClick host>:<OneClick port>/spectrum/restful/subscription

Once the command is run sucessfully, it will return an outout with a subscriptionID at the bottom. Copy the subscriptionID and paste into the command below e.g. 4a70d651-e3e3-4dbd-93b3-644435824d64

from a browser, run

http(s)://<OneClick host>:<OneClick port>/spectrum/restful/subscription/<subscriptionID>

this will return the alarms from the sunscription in the browser.
If we see none, we need to modify an attribute on an existing alarm in OneClick  e.g. acknowledge 1 alarm and this will cause all alarms to be sent again.




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