SMSMSE definitions are not updating.
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SMSMSE definitions are not updating.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


The SME definitions are not updating. Liveupdate fails.

The following errors are seen in the logs:

Result Code: 0x80010A02

Result Message: FAIL - install failed during script execution


SMSMSE 7.91, SMSMSE 7.10


Moving the definitions from the LiveUpdateDownloads folder to the 'Definitions' folder can fail with ACCESS DENIED error. This happens because the Application Compatibility cache of Microsoft holds on a reference to one of the files inside the LiveUpdateDownloads folder. When the "application experience" windows service is not running, then the reference to that file does not get released and the move operation fails. Therefore, it is mandatory for this service to run.


Enable and start the "Application Experience" service on the Exchange server.