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AWI-Jetty shows msg "Unable to read certificate keystore" on startup after upgrade to 21.0.4


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


After upgrading from 21.0.3 to 21.0.4, the AWI logs have the error message:

Error injecting method, java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: TLS: Unable to read certificate keystore

Logging in is still possible, but renaming any object (other than a folder or user object) in AWI is not possible. The following error message is displayed when a rename is tried:

"The Connection to uc4 has been lost. You will need to log in again."

The identical configuration (Keystore, password,, uc4config.xml) works using the version 21.0.3 Jetty binaries but fails with the version 21.0.4 Jetty binaries.



Release : 21.0.4

Jetty engine for AWI






The KeyStore created and used in the version 21.0.3 environment was a .jks Keystore.


Create a PKCS12 Keystore for use with 21.0.4 and replace the .jks Keystore with the .p12 Keystore.

This is due to a change in version 21.0.4.