View - Want to download PTF and the pre-requisites
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View - Want to download PTF and the pre-requisites


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I want to download a particular View 14.0 PTF, including the pre-requisites.

Where do you indicate the pre-requisites?


Release : 14.0


To find a View 14.0 PTF, and be able to also download the pre-requisites:

 . At the Broadcom Support site, go to URL:

 . Search for the PTF in question, and click on the box to the left of the download cloud. 

 . The box will check, and then you go to the very top of the screen, where it shows a number for the download icon.  Click on the icon. 

 . You will then see the following:

Solution Downloads

Create a complete solution package that includes all requisite solutions back to an optional date.
Do you want a complete package for all?
 . Saying yes to the solution package will also bring down all pre-requisites.