Need Hotfix 84 to perform 10.8 upgrade
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Need Hotfix 84 to perform 10.8 upgrade


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


I need to upgrade my APM environment from 10.7 SP3 to 10.8.

First step is to install Hotfix 84 which I cannot find on the site.

Also, wondering if I will be able to use CEM after applying hotfix 84 and then upgrading to 10.8.



Release : 10.7.0


So, to uninstall CEM

1. First would be to disable the TESS in the properties file.

2. Then stop and delete the TIM's as per rm -rf 

3. In postgres, you can then  also remove all the ts_* tables -> that store all the CEM-related stuff.  You can elect not to perform this as with steps 1 and 2 CEM is now uninstalled.  All this would do is remove the CEM data from the postgres DB.

4. Then you perform the upgrade from 10.7 Hotfix 84 to 10.8.