ICE doesn't show for some users on 16.1.0 and lower
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ICE doesn't show for some users on 16.1.0 and lower


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New ICE panel is working for one user and not the other. Both users are in the same admin security group with the proper admin rights needed to see the panel. It works for one, and when the second user clicks on it, it loads the Broadcom tech docs page in a new tab. 

These are the rights that are provided in the admin group (among others)

    • Administration - Application Setup
    • Administration - Access


  1. Test some admin users with ICE, note some do not work
  2. Run Telemetry and Populate Usage Analytics jobs and try again

Expected Results: All admin users with permissions Administration - Access and Administration Application Setup to be able to access

Actual Results: Some users are not able to access and come up as is_admin =no in the HAR File and also License info is blank


Release : 16.0.2, 16.0.3. 16.1.0


This is DE67018, fixed in 16.1.1