Widgets are missing from Roadmaps
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Widgets are missing from Roadmaps


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You have added multiple widgets to your Roadmap.  They show on the view and in the Widget library.  After leaving and then returning to Roadmaps, the Widgets are no longer displayed and do not show in the Widget Library.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create an attribute on the Roadmap Items object with Data Type Script
  2. Make sure to enable it for API
  3. Go to MUX
  4. Click Roadmaps
  5. Create a new Roadmap
  6. Open the Roadmap
  7. Click on Widget Icon
  8. Click on Manage Widgets
  9. Click New Widget
  10. Add a Pie Chart Widget
  11. Group By your new attribute
  12. Select any value for Sum
  13. Click Include in Widget Library
  14. Click Create
  15. Click Add to add to your Widget
  16. Add two more Pie Chart widgets with out-of-the-box attributes
  17. You will see the Widgets added to your Roadmap view
  18. Go to Classic view
  19. Go to Administration>>Objects>>Roadmap Items
  20. Search for the attribute you created
  21. Check the box and click 'Deactivate'
  22. Go back to MUX>>Roadmaps>your roadmap
  23. Refresh page

Expected Results: Widgets that were added still display

Actual Results:All widgets are deleted from the display and from the Widget Library.  Looked in the odf_visual_widgets table and it was deleted from there too


Release : 16.0.3



Widgets disappear from the Widget Library when deactivating an attribute that's associated with at least one Widget

*Until there is a fix, please refrain from deactivating attributes*


Fixed in 16.1.1 and 16.1.0 patch 1