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Keep fail-over ACF2 database in synch with production ACF2 database


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ACF2 - z/OS


How to keep a standby sysplex ready to accept production workload if the primary sysplex is unable to continue operations?

ACF2 provides the ability to synch Logonid record changes from the primary to the standby system.  But, what about rules, infostorage, etc.

On the primary system, the Logonid was defined for a started task and rule sets were updated.  Failover tests had the started task failing because there was no equivalent logonid or rules.


Release : 16.0


The simplest answer would be to use CPF to keep databases in sync.
The reckey command was created so that rule changes could be CPFed.

We cannot CPF compile commands because there are multiple commands issued to get to the correct environment.

It would be a requirement to prevent use of the compile and only use reckey.
You could also use a backup of the primary databases and restore to offsite databases on a regular basis so that if there are a "few" compiles that are missed, it will only be for a short period of time.