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OPSINFO('JOBCLASS') does not return jobclass information


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation



We have a message rule for $HASP311 which checks if the JOBCLASS of job is PROD or PRODON, then it sends an alert to BEM console. However when one job got this situation ($HASP311 SAVESRI  RE-QUEUED AT END OF MEMORY AND HELD ) and made it HELD in JES2 , we saw the rule got triggered, but seems unable to get OPSINFO('JOBCLASS') information. 




Release : 13.5


The $HASP311 message is issued when an End of Memory condition occurs. Once a job fails due to end of memory, there is no longer any job information available to OPS/MVS and this is why OPSINFO('JOBCLASS') returns no information.