How to setup a new Windows Agent in Autosys once the agent is installed?
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How to setup a new Windows Agent in Autosys once the agent is installed?


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Autosys Workload Automation


Hi Support,

Could you please provide steps to add the latest Autosys Windows to the existing CA Workload V12.1 running on AIX.
( online documentation is confusing, or could not find an easy document to follow ) 

1: I have installed latest agent on a Windows 2019. ( default installation settings)
       windows server name = <MACHINE_NAME>
2: WAAE is running on AIX (0078 AIX SYB 12.0 01.03 )

I need to create a virtual machine that points to one Windows agent.

    This agent will be responsible to copy the files in jobs ( sftp /scp  )  


Release : 12.1


You will want to create a REAL Machine definition in the Autosys database.
This can be done using JIl command or the WCC.

Below is an example of a windows agent created in my lab using the defaults:

The JIL would look like the following:

C:\Program Files\CA\WorkloadAutomationAE>autorep -q -M test-agent

/* ----------------- test-agent ----------------- */

insert_machine: test-agent
type: a
factor: 1.00
port: 7520
node_name: test-agent
agent_name: WA_AGENT
encryption_type: DEFAULT
opsys: windows
character_code: ASCII

You will want to make sure there are no firewalls blocking the communication between the Autosys /WCC /APP server and the agent.

This can be tested with a telnet command to the ports to make sure there is nothing blocking the communication.

Also check that name resolution works in both directions
Agent ->Autosys
Autosys -> agent

Nslookup can be used for this.

once you know the communication works outside of the Autosys application then you can use Autoping to test the communication on the application layer.