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How To Adjust Manual Transactions With Incorrect Fields


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There are transactions from the Posted Transactions Review portlet that show one or more of the following incorrect fields:

Converted Cost
Transaction date

How can manual transactions be corrected?


Release : 16.0.3


In order to correct manual transactions, the following steps need to followed:

A. Go to Home > Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment >
1. Filter for the incorrect transaction date/project/resource
2. Set 'Quantity' to be the desired number of hours (never a negative quantity)
3. Set 'Cost' to be the desired actual cost rate (never a negative rate)
4. Checkmark 'Calculate New Rates'
5. Click Save and Return.

B. Go to Home > Financial Management > Approve WIP Adjustment. The list of transactions appears.
1. Select and checkmark the transaction(s) in question.
2. Click Approve.

There can be scenarios where incorrect adjustments were made.
These will have to be reversed.

Here are the steps to perform a reversal, which will remove the incorrect adjustment.

Go to Home > Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment

1. Reverse the transaction(s).
2. Approve the WIP transactions.
3. Run the Import Financial Actuals job.

If any questions, please open a case to review with Support.

Additional Information

There is no automated or correction in batches available via the UI or job.