UIM - Notifications from emailgtw probe are not being delivered
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UIM - Notifications from emailgtw probe are not being delivered


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a client who has provided us with a email to SMS mobile address and notification are not being delivered to their mobile.

The notifications were working in the past and stopped working sometime in August.

We can can forward the notifications or just send a standard email to their mobile and it works, but notifications coming directly from Nimsoft are not being delivered.




Release : 20.x


SMTP Chunking feature is required to transmit the message between email servers for messages with bare line feeds.
Chunking uses the SMTP BDAT command, If the destination email server doesn't support BDAT, then it can't accept messages that contain bare line feeds.
Microsoft 365 and Office 365 used to remove bare line feeds from messages to enable delivery to older email servers that didn't support SMTP Chunking and the BDAT command. Office 365 no longer removes bare line feeds from messages.


There are several solution to this by configuring the recipient exchange that is having the problem.

Solution 1:-Some email servers support the ability to disable bare line feed rejection. .So, check If Bare linefeed rejection is enabled ,that needs to be disabled.

Solution 2:-Customer can configure the setting -BareLinefeedRejectionEnabled is \$false on the server's Receive connector for internet mail.( If the recipient exchange is having on-premises exchange )

Solution 3:-Customer can create an inbound transport rule to append a disclaimer to the messages .The disclaimer will append the expected CR-LF combination to the message so that it can be delivered.

Solution 4:-Customer can Enable Extended SMTP (ESMTP) on the recipient server so that the message can be sent by using CHUNKING or the BDAT command.

Engineering released a new email gateway hotfix to offer a permanent solution to this emailgtw-2.90-T1-build 59zip attached below


emailgtw-2.90-T1-build-59_1679679904969.zip get_app