Notifications from emailgtw probe are not being delivered to mobile phone
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Notifications from emailgtw probe are not being delivered to mobile phone


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  • We have a client who has provided us with an email to SMS mobile address and notifications are not being delivered to their mobile.
  • The notifications were working in the past and stopped working sometime in August.
  • We can forward the notifications or just send a standard email to their mobile and it works.


  • Release: 20.x


  • SMTP Chunking feature is required to transmit the message between email servers for messages with bare line feeds.
  • Chunking uses the SMTP BDAT command, If the destination email server doesn't support BDAT, then it can't accept messages that contain bare line feeds.
  • Microsoft 365 and Office 365 used to remove bare line feeds from messages to enable delivery to older email servers that didn't support SMTP Chunking and the BDAT command.
  • Office 365 no longer removes bare line feeds from messages.


There are several solutions to this by configuring the recipient exchange that is having the problem:

  • Solution 1:-Some email servers support the ability to disable bare line feed rejection. .So, check If Bare linefeed rejection is enabled ,that needs to be disabled.
  • Solution 2:-Customer can configure the setting -BareLinefeedRejectionEnabled is \$false on the server's Receive connector for internet mail.(If the recipient exchange is having on-premises exchange)
  • Solution 3:-Customer can create an inbound transport rule to append a disclaimer to the messages .The disclaimer will append the expected CR-LF combination to the message so that it can be delivered.
  • Solution 4:-Customer can Enable Extended SMTP (ESMTP) on the recipient server so that the message can be sent by using CHUNKING or the BDAT command.

Engineering released a new email gateway hotfix to offer a permanent solution to this issue.

emailgtw-2.90-T1-build is attached to this KB Article.

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