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Is there a way to generate cdm disk usage alarm and not just disk free alarm?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have disk free % alerts in CDM but the requirement is to get disk % used in the alert so please let us know how we can achieve this.


Release: 20.3

cdm: v6.82


- working as designed


This is not currently supported.

cdm techdoc - Configure Alarms and QOS for Disk Usage

The cdm probe collects disk usage (QOS) metrics (in percent and/or MB) which keeps track of the amount of used disk space; however, the alarm thresholds that are set in order to generate alarms for disk usage are actually set against the amount of free disk space that is available.
Aside from that, you may want to consider some other options that may help:

- The Admin console has a few options for setting cdm disk thresholds against the developed baseline such as Scalar and Percent above/below the baseline.

- Create a custom script and run it in the nas to trigger off the original alarm text and value and recreate the alarm, e.g., 'flip-it/translate it' to calculate the disk, e.g., not 1% disk free, but 99% used, then send a 'new' alarm via the nas via 'new_alarm' action.

- Enter an enhancement request at the url below