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Schemus Authentication Failure with Exchange online


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Schemus is unable to establish a connection while using it with Exchange online.



The Exchange Online source was created for Microsoft's EXOv2 PowerShell module which creates a session to Exchange Online.

An updated PowerShell module, EXOv3, is replacing EXOv2 which does not need to establish a session.



The newer EXOv3 no longer creates a session. If Schemus is used with EXOv3, a session is therefore not created and Schemus will report that a session could not be established.

The Schemus vendor created a patch as work-around for this issue which can be downloaded from

The release note, Patch20221028.txt, is also included in the zip file , also The patch supports EXO V3 and EXO V2.


If instead the client would prefer to use the older EXOv2 module, they can do this by uninstalling EXOv3 and replacing it with EXOv2 in PowerShell:

     Uninstall-Module -MinimumVersion 3.0.0 -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement
    Install-Module -MaximumVersion 2.0.5 -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement