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Performance issue started after API Portal Page Personalization


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CA API Developer Portal


We modified sample template files and installed. Now big files (more then 1 MB) loading very slowly. We reduced , however still the performance issue is not fixed.


Release : 5.0.2


Here is the workaround:

Assuming the portal is 5.0.2 and the portal is running under Docker Swarm.

1. find out dispatcher container ID

$ docker ps|grep dispatcher
443d26473f81                    "/opt/"     3 days ago   Up 3 days (healthy)   80/tcp, 2211/tcp,>9443/tcp,>8443/tcp,>9080/tcp   portal_dispatcher.lyp8rol0rii351jygyzlmvvtt.zotckfjeya028g9g00rw1gtmg


2. go into the container with the container ID and update /etc/nginx/server_base.conf by adding the three lines under segment of "location /pages/" around line 175

proxy_hide_header Cache-Control;proxy_hide_header Pragma;proxy_hide_header Expires;

$ docker exec -it 443d26473f81 sh
 /opt $ vi /etc/nginx/server_base.conf


3. reload the conf into nginx

/opt $ /usr/sbin/nginx -s reload


4. test if the performance is better( not for the first time loading)

5. exit the container

/opt $ exit


Note: the workaround will be gone if the docker stack is restarted.

The issue will be fixed in