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Exposing Server ip in lisaFrameRemoteIP


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Service Virtualization


Our service is sending response/ notification to external team url ,however while sending the response from "POST request" below parameter which is exposing our server ip address as well.

Content-Type: application/json
lisaFrameRoot: true
lisaFrameID: 329caf40-5b1a-11ed-8xxx-06877ffd1xxx


We have executed multiple time to validate if it is in Meta of response vsm but I guess this parameter is added by Devtest itself. 

There has been a security issue at our organization level highlighting this issue. We want to hide our server details to external and need to remove these lisa frame values from send notifications/ response by modifying any properties in Ca Devtest or config.


Release : 10.7


This happens due to the lisa.pathfinder.on setting.  Please turn off the pathfinder with below changes.

On the Simulator/Coordinator/Registry/Workstation server machines:

1. Open the file in a text editor

2. Add the following line


3. Save the file and restart DevTest Services

      After these changes, lisaframeRemoteIP properties will be removed from request details.