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Is it possible to roll back a Policy Store Schema upgrade?


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The upgrade of the policy store schema is mandatory for an upgrade from any previous release or service pack to the latest release or service pack.

Ensure that all the integrity errors in your existing policy store are corrected before you proceed.

However, situations can occur which may require reverting back to a lower version of the Policy Server. This does not change the schema of the Policy Store, so it too needs to be reverted to a lower release as we do not support running a Policy Store with a higher schema version than the Policy Server version.




There is no option rollback the policy store once a schema upgrade has been performed. It needs to be restored from a backup taken at the same version as the Policy Server.

As noted in the Upgrade Prerequisites, export the policy store using the XPSExport utility. Or, you may find it easier to keep a directory/DB level backup for recovery.