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MUX - Unable to Export to CSV With Rich-Text Fields


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When user is trying to export list of ideas file is not getting generated.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create string (2000 characters) or Rich text on Idea object and API enable it.
2. Navigate to MUX->Ideas Grid and add newly created attribute.
3. Add below text to the field
- (Availability) Production support activities such as on-call duties to support Major Incidents and coordination calls to ensure an expedited Return to Service to reduce member, MSR and workforce impact (i.e., On-call, MI/RTS, Coordination calls)
- Incidents escalated from the Service Desk or ACC to the application support team (i.e., Level 3 escalations from ACC, Update KBs, Identify Trends and Patterns)
- Support the upkeep and compliance of Security, Audit,  application vulnerabilities, Vendor and Component mgmt. practices.  (i.e., TPM Assessments, BARR Support, Maintain BC Plans, ACE IT Findings - remediation, FIAP)
- (Adaptive) Work required to maintain application currency.  Most of this work is smaller in nature and managed by component teams.  When a significant spend is required to upgrade, a push to Build sometimes will occur (i.e., Database/Server upgrades, Service account migrations (SAM), Certificate renewals, Support to other teams with modifications to our code base)
- (Preventative) Modification of IT systems after delivery to detect and repair latent faults before they become operational faults or manifest as failures of Availability. Monitoring, Resiliency and Tech Debt Clean up (i.e., Monitoring improvements, Preventing tech debt, Resiliency, Strategic IT partnerships)
- (Administration and Overhead) Operational type activities that do not fall under any of the other categories.  This includes management and administrative roles. (i.e., Training, Operational reporting, Financial management, FTE PTO)
- Post-production defects – not MI. This includes all the labor hours to gain agreement that it’s a true IT defect vs missed requirement and the effort to remediate the defect.
- (Software/Licensing) Anything beyond 1st year payment for SW/licensing and all subsequent renewals. This is for on-going maintenance, license and subscription expenses – NOT the original, initial project license expense.  Would include increased usage/new licenses.
4. Attempt to Export to CSV
5. Notice no file is generated.
Expected Results: It should allow to Export to CSV

Actual Results: Export CSV does not work.


Release : 16.0.3


DE67304, Under review by Engineering team.