Gen Studio Web View generation not properly licensed (2GWV)
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Gen Studio Web View generation not properly licensed (2GWV)


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After install of 8.6.3 Consolidation/Roll-up PTF WKS86300, when using Gen Studio option for Web View generation it fails with message:

Generation can not continue due to the component below not being properly licensed.
Component code:[2GWV] Description: CA Gen Web View

Previously Web View generation has been running successfully with WKS86200 installed.


Release : 8.6


2GWV is the license code for Gen component "CA Gen Web View" and there is no 2GWV FEATURE line in the license file "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC\ca.olf".
Gen Engineering added a license check to Gen Studio when the JMMI Generation API PTFs GSN86202/SO13875 and TSN86208/SO13861 were developed and those fixes are included in the 8.6.3 Consolidation/Roll-up PTF WKS86300/LU06327. Previously no license checking was done in Gen Studio.


Please contact your Broadcom account team to request the required Web View license FEATURE line (2GWV) to add to the license file "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC\ca.olf".

Additional Information

NOTE: There is no separate Gen SKU for Web View and its license falls under the Web Generation SKU GENWEB059.
1. Web Generation is the original Gen Java Web client feature which focused on enabling the migration of Gen GUI clients to Web clients and its generation is done from the Toolset (TP Monitor=INTERNET).
2. Web View is the newer Gen Java Web client feature which is an evolution of Web Generation to a more modern standard Java Web client UI and its generation is done from Gen Studio.
Having a license entitlement for Web Generation enables use of either of the above Gen Java Web client features i.e. the single SKU GENWEB059 covers both.

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