Deliver - What is the technical difference between a Deliver bundle and an application job?
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Deliver - What is the technical difference between a Deliver bundle and an application job?


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An issue was recently encountered where the capture routine for an application test output (job), sent for fulfillment to our print provider, was not capturing as expected.  

Previously, the same output was sent to the print provider, but as a bundle with no issues to capture and parse by client account (statement).  

It appears that the capture routine that was set up by the vendor was configured for a bundle output created by Deliver, versus an output created by an application job.  

In other words, outputs not bundled by Deliver would not be captured.  

After several transmissions of sending jobs to vendor with no success of capturing, it was sent as a bundle and achieved expected results of capturing.

Looking at both a bundled and unbundled output in the print spool, they appear to be the same.  

What is the technical difference with a bundle and job?


Release : 14.0


There are no additional control cards embedded in the data stream to identify bundle output as compared to non-bundle output.

Both are just sysout data sets.

One output attribute however is different and that is GROUPID.

Bundles are created with a GROUPID of RMOBNDL.

Reports are created with whatever GROUPID is contained in the JCL or defined to them.

It could be the capturing program. 

If you want a Deliver report to be produced with GROUPID of RMOBNDL, specify RMOBNDL under GRPID in the Report Definition Attributes as shown below:
CA Deliver ------------- Report Definition Attributes ------------------------
Command ===>                                                                 
  ID     ---> TESTJOB-R1                            Job    ---> TESTJOB     
  Step   ---> STEP1        Procstep --->            DD     ---> SYSUT2       
                                                    Type   --->              
  Desc     ===>                                                              
  Arch ID  ===>                                                              
  ARCH   ===>              BANNER ===> *            BURST  ===>              
  CC     ===>              CLASS  ===>              COPIES ===>              
  FCB    ===>              FORM   ===>              FLASH  ===> (      ,     )
  LATE   ===>              OPTCDJ ===>              UCS    ===>              
  FORMDF ===>              PAGEDF ===>              PRMODE ===>              
  PRSET  ===>              PRTY   ===>              GRPID  ===> RMOBNDL      
  CHARS  ===> (      ,      ,      ,      )         MODIFY ===> (      ,   ) 
  COPYG  ===> (     ,     ,     ,     ,     ,     ,     ,     )