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SMP Console UI doesn't have an option to filter out Users


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IT Management Suite


The customer reported that since he has a large list of users returned when he is trying to select or display specific users, he would like to have a way to filter out users that he doesn't want as part of the results on our pages.   For example, he would like to filter out the local Administrators that we collect or certain domain accounts that are common in his environment.


ITMS 8.6


With our next ITMS 8.7 Release, a Customer should be able to sort "Users" from our UI. "Users filter" will be shown in the grid toolbar.

1. Now user can choose "Users" or "Printers" resources from drop down menu for any selected org view or org group

2. Users name shown as their Display Name

3, New Core Setting "OrgViewMaxRowCount" is available in UI and can be changed there

4. New "Name filter" field is available so all resources can be filtered by Name column