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Upgrading Tomcat/Java


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Clarity PPM On Premise


You would like to upgrade Tomcat or Java for your Clarity install. Is that possible?


Release : Any


It is possible to upgrade Tomcat or Java for Clarity as long as they are newer than the version that was included for that Clarity release and that they are the same major version.

For example, if your Clarity release included Tomcat 9.0.65, you can upgrade to any 9.0.x (e.g. 9.0.68). However, you can't upgrade to 10.0.x (e.g.: 10.0.27).

The same applies to Java, for example, you can upgrade from 11.0.16+8 to a higher patch level (11.0.x, like 11.0.17+8), but you can't upgrade to 17.0.5+8.

Note that only the versions included in Clarity have been certified.