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Slow Performance Modern Project > Staff Page


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Every action within Clarity will take about 1-2 minutes to load. For example, not even able to create a project during this time.

The issue is intermittent and happens during the morning hours, but is resolved when users are logged off. 

There are hundreds of queries running in the SQL Server database.



Release : 15.9.1, 16.0.1


The queries captured by the DBA team previously and confirming with 
SQL Server Management Studio > Reports > Top IO and CPU time reports and both confirm the query is coming from
function: NK_SUM_JULIAN_FCT 




The long-running query produced by the action, pertains to the 'Remaining Allocation' field on the Modern Project > Staff page.

The issue is resolved with database maintenance.
Reach out to the DBA team to request update on stale statistics to improve the performance.