Error message 'UTC time not present in report'
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Error message 'UTC time not present in report'


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The upload of the ISV SCRT Report for a z/VSE system to the SCRT Report Management portal got the the following error message.  
UTC time not present in report


Release : 15.0


In a z/VSE system you have to collect the SCRT89 records and then transfer them either to z/OS or Windows/Linux to generate the SCRT report. 
Sub-Capacity for z/VSE

On z/OS, the JCL would need to have the "Report_Time=UTC_Time" control statement in the SPECIAL DD. On Windows/Linux, the command line interface accepts the "--report-time UTC_TIME" parameter. 
The "--report-time UTC_TIME" parameter is supported by IBM SCRT Version 28.2.3 and it is only supported in the command line interface for SCRT on Linux and Windows.

A sample of the SCRT command in the command line interface for SCRT on Linux and Windows with the "--report-time UTC_TIME" parameter is as follows. 
"C:\Program Files\IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool\scrtc" --customer-name "Broadcom" --customer-number "123456" --contact-name "Your User Name" --contact-email "[email protected]" --contact-phone "nnn-nnn-nnnn" --report-time UTC_TIME --isv C:\Users\user1\Documents\scrt\cas9scrt.xml  --no89 C:\Users\user1\Documents\scrt\no89 --output C:\Users\user1\Documents\scrt\reports\output.csv C:\Users\user1\Documents\scrt\data\input.scrt89

scrtc: The IBM SCRT program (this was the default path during my install)

cas9scrt.xml: Broadcom's ISV Library file

no89: An empty file (required by IBM SCRT)

input.scrt89: SMF/SCRT89 data (input)

output.csv: Generated SCRT report (output)

The --report-time parameter in the GUI interface will be available in the next SCRT Level that will be published. 
The SCRT current Level is 29.1.0. 

IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) Current Levels